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   ultrasonic lace machine
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   non-woven fabric mechanism series
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 About us  
      Changzhou YaChao Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. city of Changzhou, devoted to ultrasonic technology apply to the reseach of the clothing industry specially, The ultrasonic system is designed by oneself , make by oneself , and update . During the last ten years, our factory products have reached several dozen breeds . Do person who succeeds lace, sew person who split, person who weld, person who wash, round cap machine, gauze mask machine,etc. several use equipment already at present, Apply to the trades, such as dress batching, plastic products, electronic apparatus, medical insurance articles,etc. extensively. The company specially need users to offer adding assembling set of ultrasonic instrument service numerously to the whole country at the same time, Can designs and develops the new-type ultrasonic dedicated device according to the customer's concrete request too.
    YC serial ultrasonic lace machine use for and produce various types of clothing lace mainly, various kinds of clothing ornaments, With the design collar, have still been used for not spinning products industry of cloth, umbrella manufacturing industry, shoes manufacturing industry,etc. at the same time. YN series ultrasonic wave sews the splitting machine and used in the surface fabric and gushes out the glue cotton, not spin complex of cloth, sea cotton,etc., The composite can tailor woman style coat, fur clothing inside lining directly, the winter cotton underwear, Large- scale to sew person who split also can produce highway road bed, geotechnological cloth composite protected in dykes and dams while being wide while being ultra.
    YC series ultrasonic wave person who weld can to belt welding, characters or impression of pattern at the surface fabric. YC series ultrasonic wave some welder used in water bore welding at clothing, weave cotton cloth gauze mask rubber welding of muscle.
    The sewing up machine of YC series ultrasonic wave can be turned round and sewn up , used in not weaving cotton cloth the products cap, Shorts,etc. are sewn up .
    These products are the new-type equipment of the clothing industry, because the participation with mechanical ultrasonic wave will make the clothing industry more perfect , The flower of the clothing is more bright-colored and magnificent!

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Company:Changzhou YaChao Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.
ADD:NO.1 ,Qingyang North Road,Changzhou


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